pagination in dhtmlxgrid

i want to use pagination like this :


please help to achieve this type of pagination.

it’s urgent.

The command
grid.enablePaging( true, 15, 3, … )
added to the grid init code will split grid on pages, each of which will contain 15 rows ( dhtmlxgrid_pgn.js need to be used )

To create custom paging view - please check … custpaging

i want to  paging view like


plz help me

Pre-defined paging skins don’t support such rendering of paging info, you need to create your custom paging skin
Check the link above, “Creating a custom skin” section

Technically you can just use a line of HTML on the page as


thanx…and what shuld i write in grid.changePage(1) function .Plesae let me know…

it’s very urgent

changePage is built in functionality of grid, you can call grid.changePage(n) to show page n in grid.
In the code snippet above just use the correct grid reference name and changePage will be mapped to the grid’s method, which will do all work

tahnks…for that…

but 1-15|16-30|31-45  shuld comes dynamically acc to data size…and on that i need that onclick event



plz reply!!!

You can catch loading end moment ( onXLE event ) , get total count of rows ( grid.getRowsNum ) and form necessary HTML on the page.