pagination issue

when we click on page no 2,page no 3 its not showing listing page.It’s showing page no 1. please help what needs to be changed to get it working .thank you


Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, have a look at the following working example: … aging.html

If issue still occurs - please, provide any kind of sample of your code. or a complete demo where the issue can be reconstructed.

I’m having a similar issue… I click the second page, the second page data loads, but shortly thereafter, the page 1 element becomes active. The data from page 2 stays in the grid, it’s just that for some unknown reason the CSS class (dhx_not_active) gets misapplied to the first anchor tag. It only does this on the first click through the pages, and I can only get it to repeat this behavior by emptying my cache. My thought was that each time it fetches new data (not from cache data) the onXLE event fires and resets the active page element. Below is the only way I can get paging to accept the setPagingTemplates() method. Is this expected behavior?

grid.attachEvent('onXLE', function() {
           var tmpStr = 'Total results: [total]' +
                        ' | pages: [currentpages:]' +
                        ' | showing results [from]-[to]';
         grid.setPagingTemplates(tmpStr ,'');

It sounds as a bug - if you can provide a sample of demo link where the problem can be checked - please share it.

By the way, if you need to repaint paging area you can try to call


which basically reapply current page and repaints the grid and paging control. ( still the above issue is not the normal behavior, and doesn’t occur in local tests )