Paging area not visible

We are using dhtmlxGrid v2.5 in our GWT web application, originally using only smart rendering, and now switching over to use paging. But I have noticed an issue when the grid appears inside a tab that is not initially visible. When the user then switches to that tab, the grid displays properly but the entire paging area with the buttons to change pages is missing. When I inspect with Firebug, I see that the paging panel is there, but the div has width set to 0px, so it doesn’t show. I’m guessing this is because some width calculation is being done to determine the size before the grid is actually attached to the DOM, so offset widths used in the calculation are probably 0.

I previously had another problem with grids that were shown in tabs not initially visible – when switching to that tab, all the grid columns were narrow, not wide enough to show any data. Again, likely due to offset widths not being available before the grid was attached to the DOM. This issue was fixed by calling grid.setSizes and grid.adjustColumnSize after the user switches to the tab. I was wondering if there is some similar fix for the paging area? Any advice on how to fix this problem would be appreciated.


Try to call changePage() method after grid is displayed:


Thanks, this works when there are results in the grid.

But when the grid happens to have no data, the paging area is still not visible. (It should say ‘No records found’, but again the width of the div is set to 0, so it cannot be seen).

I have same issue. Please give the solution :frowning:

displays the ‘No records found’ message.

If the problem still occurs for you pleas,e provide with a complete demo or provide with a demo link where the problem can be reconstructed.