Paging is not working initially (showing all records in the

Dear Support Team,

I am integrating drag-n-drop, Paging and filtering for one example, All the things are working fine except the pagination.

i have 11 records in XMl file, all the records are displaying for the first page when i go to next page 1 record is displaying (this is correct) once when i go back to first page again all records are displaying on the first page.


This is the code i used.

please can any one help me how to rectify this issue?

Thanks In Advance!


Unfortunately procblem can’t be reconstructed with local samples.
Two updated js files sent by email, please try to use them instead of original ones.

If issue still occurs - please provide any kind of sampel where issue can be reconstructed. You can send such sample directly to


     Thanks for your reply, I have fixed the issue.

if i comment the above line then it is working fine.


Which version of grid you are using?
It seems that you are using compressed js files from online samples. Please be sure to use the js files from dhtmlxgrid package, which contains readable code, with normal method names.

Dear Support Team!
  I didn’t get proper dhtmlxgrid package js files, please can i have those files. the js files needed are dhtmlxgrid_srnd.js, dhtmlxgrid_filter.js (smart rendering should work here)
dhtmlxgrid_drag.js, dhtmlxcommon.js and dhtmlxgridcell.js.

If i integreate all the above js files drag-n-drop, pagging and smart rendering(filter) should work.

please help me


All files except of paging extension included in standard version of dhtmlxgrid.
Paging extension is part of PRO editon.