Paging Problem in JSP - Grid

i have a grid which loads 1000 records when i call the load methiod from the DB. but before this i have done the mygrid.enablePaging(true,50,3,“pagingArea”,true,“recInfoArea”), where i have included two DIV ids for pagingarea and recinfoarea.

when i run my JSP, my grid loads and displayes all 1000 rows instead of displaying only the first 30 rows,i have the necessary js files with me,

nd when i click inside the grid and press page down option, i get these pagingarea and recinfoarea being displayed. but when i use them the page does not navigat and it keeps showing the 1000 records,

please help…

i have done the mygrid.enablePaging(true,50,3,“pagingArea”,
Is this exact code, which you are using? The problem can be caused if you have something similar to next
    mygrid.enablePaging(true,“50”,3,“pagingArea”,   // incorrect, size of page set as string
please be sure that size of page is a numeric value in your case

>> my grid loads and displayes all 1000 rows
Which type of datasource you are using ? The paging require a special approach in case of loading from HTML table.