Paging Problem when number of rows per page > total number o

hi, i am using dhtmlxGrid 1.4 Professional (build 70813) Evaluation. I have a problem when using paging for the grid. Is there an error if i set number of rows per page > total number of rows in record? I have set 10 pages to display per page, but i only have 6 rows of record return, then the grid seems cant be sorted probably, and sometimes doesnt even have response to any clicks on it.


Problem confirmed and fixed, fix will be released as part of next build.
If you need fix ASAP - please contact directly at , and provide your ref. number - we will send you updated code.

( Please beware that problem in your case may be also caused by another reason, similar behavior can be result of missed or not unique row IDs - please be sure that in you dataset each row has unique ID )