Paging with head filters

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I made a grid with dynamic loading (paging) and in some of its columns must have a filter; but these filters don’t work with paging. I searched through your site, but I didn’t find an explanatory example. Could you tell me how to do it?

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In case of using the dynamic loading of data you cannot use teh clinet-side filters.
You need to use the server-side filters: … otheserver

Thanks, but the filters aren’t in a text field but within the headers of the grid itself, like this:


Is it possible to do something like what you say in the example but from the filters in the grid header?

The mentioned filters are client-side filters. You need to use the server-side filters. it can be achieved from the guide from my previous post, or in case of using the dhtmlxConnector you can use the connector filters: … iltertypes

It has helped me a lot, but I still have a question: in the case of a numerical type filter (#numeric_filter), how do we know if it has an operator and what is it?
In the example, the operator > is written to fire.

Note: I work using javascript

three is no in-built server-side numeric filter. YOu need to create your own custom logic for your filter.
It can be achieved using the beforeFilter event: … enderevent … event.html

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Thank, I did it.