Parameter passing.

I am a new user of dhtmlx touch.Its a really amazing and light weight framework to use.
I am just facing a problem in passing the parameters entered into the text box of form to servlet…Please help me out… I am confused between whether i will need to use Ajax or dataprocessor or any other method?
kindly reply…

Well can you please put what exactly do you mean…? Please put your code if you can and also the error you are getting.

For start you can ignore dataprocessor. While it is a powerfull lib, it shines mostly when you are using connector lib on server side.

You can use direct data sending as


Such command will exec some_script on server side, and will transfer all values of the form to it , the same as normal html form.

Thank you for reply… i tried your way… and its working…thanks a lot.

so dhtmlx touch supports ajax, Will it support reverse ajax/comet? and can you please tell me how to handle response from server in dhtmlx touch?

As for dhx.ajax

As for comet - we do not plan to implement some custom solution. You can look at project
You can use it with dhtmlxTouch.