Parent directory cell editing problem

Click open cell edit, when the currently clicked cell is the parent directory, the cell open edit will close edit instantly at the same time, and then open edit again, in 1 second time, open and close can reach more than 10 times.

Since the purpose of opening the cell is to copy the contents of the cell, please solve my problem.

I have found the reason, it is because when I open the cell editing, I open the click the parent directory to get the data. I hope this problem can be solved.

Hello Jack,
It is hard to suggest what is the cause as I don’t see your code. If you send me the snippet with the issue, I will check what might be wrong.

However, we have a bug with the inline editor. When at least one column is hidden, you cannot edit the start date:
It will be fixed in future versions.

Hello ramil,I want to copy the contents of the page cell. Do you have any good methods.

Earlier I had opened the cell editor to copy the contents, but it was a bit of a conflict with my other click method, because when I clicked it, the entire page was refreshed and the cell was unedited.

And this is not a code problem, just some of the operation is not smooth.

Hello Jack,
Usually, the cells contain task properties. Instead of opening the cell, you can copy the task property. You can use var task = gantt.getTask(id) to get the task object. And use task.text if you want to get the task name.

Could you clarify what you actually want to do except copying the data? Maybe there is an easier solution. For example, if you want to clone the task, you can use a function. Here are the examples:

For example: a text in the content of a selected, CTRL + c to copy, CRTL + v to copy this is a piece of content to another in the text, the copy operation is similar to Windows system, I hope can also conduct such operations in the page, use the mouse to select text content within the cell directly, and then to copy, in another text box, or another file and paste.

Hello Jack,
Thank you for the clarification.
The grid with the inline editor works the same way as MS Excel. You need to open the cell to edit it. You can select the cell and copy the text in the edit bar. But if you want to do that directly from the cell, there is no other way than to open the cell.
If the way MS Excel works is OK for you, you need to implement a custom solution.

Hello, lamir, thank you for your solution. It seems that there is no good method at present. The method I am using now is the method you just mentioned.