parent math functions in tree grid

Is there any plan to do other math functions instead of just =sum for parent rows in a tree grid? In particular I’d be interested in min, max, and average.

While it sounds as good idea, we have not plans to extend such functionality in oncoming release ( maybe in next one ):spades:
( oncoming release will have some extension to simplify creating sum|max|min|avg  output in grid footer, but it will not be related to way how existing =sum functionality works )

For everyone still interested, here is an updated version of the dhtmlxgrid_math.js file, it includes functionality to get the average of all children. This includes only direct children, empty values will be treated as 0. Children with subitems will also be included, and treated as a normal single item (with the average value of all its children as the rows value).

Use can use the [=avg] option as you would use the [=sum] option.

treegrid.setColTypes( 'tree,ro,edn[=avg],edn[=sum]' )

Original source file: v.2.6 build 100722 (2.14 KB)