'parent=PARENT_VALUE' from parent combo in addition to 'mask


There is ‘Groups extension’ functionality to organize groups of combos with parent-child dependence. In my case both parent and child combo should be loaded dynamically from server filtered by user input. So I can not use just ‘Groups extension’ because I do not need to reload child combo right after parent one is selected. But I have to add ‘parent=PARENT_VALUE’ from parent combo in addition to ‘mask’ value from child combo on child combo typing in my server script for child. In that case I will take into account parent selection when I return values for child

The url for “autocomplete” is located in the _xml property (internal). So, you can add the necessary parameters to it:

combo._xml = …;

But in case of autocomplete mode the child combo doesn’t clear when value is selected in the parent - the parent combo value is added to the url.