parentFormOnSubmit() does not send the last changed cell


I’m using the grid in a form. As it is part of a bigger form with a lot of other input fields, I don’t want to use the dataprocessor, but the form functionality.
That way, I can update all the information with one button click.
For that, I’m using your toolbar, so I’m not sending the form by a submit button, but by direct form.submit() call. I know I have to use grid.parentFormOnSubmit();.

When you edit a cell and don’t push on “enter” or click outside the grid, the cell remains in “edit mode”. If you send the form through a submit button, the cell changes automaticaly from “edit mode” to “ready mode” and also the value of this changed cell will be submited.
If you use grid.parentFormOnSubmit();, then the cell stays in edit mode and the changed value will not be submitted.

Is there a way to solve this?


You can call grid.editStop() before grid.parentFormOnSubmit()