parentFormOnSubmit doesn't works

Dear Sirs,

I’m using a grid inside a form (I have a PRO edition and I have correctly referred the _form.js file). Performing a form.submit() the modified fields of the grid are not correctly posted. Otherwise if I use a submit button the updated cells of the grid are correctly posted.

I’have found in this forum the solution, and I’ve used it but with no luck:



Note that the button that I use to perform the submit is part of a toolbar object. Is this a problem?

How I can post the fields of the grid using javascript ?

Thanks in advance.


Be sure that grid and form are pointing to the actual grid and form object.

>>is part of a toolbar object. Is this a problem?
It doesn’t matter

Thanks a lot Stanislav.
I’ve resolved the problem. The grid wasn’t responsible. It works perfectly.
Only one thing: if I change a field and press the button with the js code for the submit, then the changes are not posted. Otherwise if I press first Enter to close the editing of the cell, all the changes are correctly returned. This behaviour occurs only with js submit, with a normal submit it owrks anyway.
Any ideas ?