parse data by json with html inside


I have a data , one column have ‘<’ in it. If I use xml data, I know I can use <[!CDATA[<]]> to parse it. But now , I’m using json, If I add <[!CDATA[<]]> in it , I can not read neither , so what should I do please?

In case of JSON , you need not to use CDATA to escape HTML, you can place it in same manner as plain text without any additional escaping.

This is not working for me with DHTMLX 3. The HTML tags in the JSON object are shown in the grid.

Please have a look at the example:

rows:[ { id:1001, data:[ "<img src='image.gif'/>", "A Time to Kill", "John Grisham", "12.99", "1", "05/01/1998"] } ]

If issue still occurs for you - please privide a sample of youir json to reconstruct an issue.