Parse method -> error:"object doesn't support this property

Dear support,

Let’s says I have 3 grids on a page. Each grids are loaded with parse method on a json string, to get this string I use a function calling a Ajax.Request(…) and pass parameters, etc … So nothing particular in fact.

For 2 first grids, eveything is working fine (and this “system” is working fine on an other page with 2 grids too); but for the third grid, I have the error “object doesn’t support this property or method” as soon as I try to use the “parse” method.

The “addRow” method is working, and I’ve tested with the same type of data that should be loaded by the json string.

As the grids are created nearly in the same way (smart rendering for all), I must say I don’t know where I should look / check for errors.

What should I check first ?



Please check if you are using additional method which is not used in other grids. Could you please provide sample of code which returns this error?

Sorry, in the end, it was “just” an error in the json string -> the name of the grid for the “grid.uid()” part wasn’t created correctly, just a small difference in comparison with the “real” object (not easy to see in the end).

Thanks again,