Parse() recreates the grid

Hi team

We are making use of DHTLMX grid component in our application. To load the grid we use parse() method.
We see that while invoking parse() the entire grid gets recreated. Could you please help us with a method that only reloads the grid with data and does not recreate the grid, tables and columns?

if the data from the parse() method contain the columns data, the header will be reloaded, otherwise only the data will be reloaded. Please, try to remove the header data from your dataset object coming to the parse() method.

@sematik: when we try parse() without header information, the grid takes longer to load. Basically we are looking at performance improvement of the grid. And in our case we have more columns and fewer rows.
Could you please throw some pointers on what we could try?

You may try to use the updateFromXML() method to reload the grid data: … omxml.html
or the following solution in case of using the parse():
myGrid._refresh_mode=[true, true, function(){}];