Parser error


As everybody on JED is enthousiastic, I too chose for Scheduler.
However it is not possible to have it working on an existing site nor on a totaly brand new installated test site with nothing else than Scheduler installed.
After the first change in an event I get:

On the internet I found a solution that the configuration data in DBwas broken, but with a new installation?
What can be wrong?

I think it was my own stupidity to remove the timestamp after the dates :blush:
Now it looks great!
Frontend access: fantastic!

i got the same error message, but i didnt remove the timestamp.
anyway i deleted the entries in the DB and still the same error message appears. hmmm.

after installation everything worked. problem starts after edit entries and save them.
please some idea what the problem could be?

btw, its a very nice component!!
i would love to use it with Joomla Version 1.5.18 (yep, i will update it asap to .20)

thanks in advance for any help and idea!

cheers :slight_smile:

In next two weeks we will release update, which will add configuration validation before saving, which will prevent any error of such kind.

ok, great!
looking forward :smiley:
thanks for the fast reply