passing data in multiple parameter upload


Hello everybody I’m trying to learn multiple upload but the problem is I can not pass the parameter and redeem it on the server side in PHP

I’m doing this:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
        var vault = null;
        function doOnLoad() {
            vault = new dhtmlXVaultObject();
            vault.setServerHandlers("UploadHandler.php", "GetInfoHandler.php", "GetIdHandler.php");
	    vault.isDemo = true;
			vault.setFormField("customerId", "PS104"); 
   			vault.setFormField("country", "UK"); 

and in php i try get this:

$id  = $_GET['sessionId'];
    $id = trim($id);
	$recebe = $_POST['country'];
    $inputName = $_GET['userfile'];
    $fileName  = $_FILES[$inputName]['name'];
    $tempLoc   = $_FILES[$inputName]['tmp_name'];
    echo $_FILES[$inputName]['error'];
    $target_path = '../Arquivos/';
    $target_path = $target_path. $recebe . basename($fileName);
        $_SESSION['value'] = -1;

I need to get what I’m sending the index: vault.setFormField(“country”, “UK”);

and get in php: $recebe = $_POST[‘country’];

help-me please!!


Have you resolved your issue.

I also have the same issue. Your post seems to be 4 years old. and still you have not get a reply with answer.

Wonderful vault control


There is already new updated 2.4 version.
Please, look at the next links: