passing data manually to scheduler.

How to pass data manually to the scheduler ?
i have been doing it by :
var data="<event_id=‘1’><start_date>05.18.2013 15:00</start_date><end_date>05.18.2013 17:00</end_date><event_id=‘2’><start_date>5.19.2013 14:00</start_date><end_date>5.19.2013 17:00</end_date>";
but this doesnt work .any other way to do it or is there some mistake in it.

the xml you pass is invalid,
please refer the description of xml format … ormats#xml
namely, there is an typo in event node names, instead of(note the underscore)
you should use following

i have changed the typing error but it still doesnt work.

make sure date format defined in scheduler.config.xml_date complies with format you use in your xml string
following worked for me

scheduler.config.xml_date="%m-%d-%Y %H:%i"; var data="<data><event id='1'><start_date>05.18.2013 15:00</start_date><end_date>05.18.2013 17:00</end_date><text><![CDATA[Meeting]]></text></event><event id='2'><start_date>5.19.2013 14:00</start_date><end_date>5.19.2013 17:00</end_date><text><![CDATA[Conference]]></text></event></data>"; scheduler.parse(data);

thank u for the reply but this isnt working .
only the json format is working .
when i try with xml the events are not plotted on the scheduler.

Above code works correctly in local samples. Are you using the same or different code in the problematic case ?

If issue still occurs - please provide any kind of sample of demo link where it can be checked

thnx i sorted it by using json.thnx for your help.

can i activate the scheduler booking using single click instead of double.
i also want the event text to be dectivated after it is been set once.