Passing either hidden value/ query string into save method

Is it possible to hide a value in the FormCollection, or pass a value into the Save ActionResult?

I have a querystring that I want to be included but it isn’t getting passed through to the Save method.

Actually I solved it…

First I use jQuery to grab the QS value into a variable (userQueryString) … then:

scheduler.attachEvent("onEventSave", function (id, data) {
        data.UserId = userQueryString;
        return true;

note that onEventSave fires only when you save the lightbox, not when you modify the event by drag and drop.
The more generic approach would be to use a dataProcessor event:

scheduler.dataProcessor.attachEvent("onBeforeUpdate", function(id, state, data){ data.UserId = 'user id'; return true; });

Then you can append values each time the update is sent to the server … event.html