Passing folderid from grid item to querystring

Hi all

I have a grid that when I click on it, it fires






return true;


However, I need it to pass the folderid as part of the preview.php?view=header&msgid=’+id+’&folder=’+folderid or something to that nature

The folder is what is passed into the grid already from the tree when it is clicked

i’m using the enterprise version I purchased for this so I have the needed software, just not sure how to pass in this variable

Is anything further needed to give a suggestion



If you mean some kind of ID, which was used to fill grid with data - it not stored anywhere in grid, you will need to have some common var, in which folder will be stored when filling grid with data, and reused here.

Well, I know when pressing on a tree element, I pass the ID of that folder into the gridxml.php to pull back the specific items that are listed for that grid. typically, in the pass in it would be something like



(Syntax is likely wrong liste above, but i’m sure its clear enough)

This will load the proper data into the grid for me to be able to click on a row

When I click on a row, the mygrid.setOnrowSelectHandler is executed.


Is there a way that I can pass the query from clicking on folder back into the setonrowselecthandler or apply the URL directly against the row without calling back into the JS files

I just need a way I can filter the url to make different calls depending on the ID of the folder. The id requires a look back as well to make sure its an inbox or sent items, deleted items, drafts etc.