Passing other variables?

Hello guys,

Im working on a small project and trying to pass some ASP/PHP variables through to the spreadsheets scripts.

When i load the spreadsheet php file “…/codebase/spreadsheet.php?sheet=1&parent=gridbox&uname=X-NAME-X”

id like to pick up the &uname= data in the API.PHP file.

Has anyone any suggestions for making this possible so i can use my own data variables in api.php

you should definetely use manual initialization: … ialization
In this initialization way you may specify load/save urls and add required parameters:

dhx_sh = new dhtmlxSpreadSheet({
	load: "../codebase/php/data.php?uname=X-NAME-X",
	save: "../codebase/php/data.php?uname=X-NAME-X",
	parent: "gridobj",
	icons_path: "../codebase/imgs/icons/"

After that you may access it in api.php as $_GET[“uname”]


Thanks for that i got the advanced method of loading to work however when you load a spreadsheet using the advanced method it ignores the width and height style of the PARENT div target and turns my DIV from small into full size is there anyway i can load the sheet using the advanced method and have the size of the DIV remain the same?

you should use the follow initialization parameters to avoid autowidth and autoheight:

autowidth: false,
autoheight: false