passing parameters to dhtmlxAjax for XSLT transformation

What would be really cool if you could specify parameters for XSLT transformation via dhtmlxAjax control.

Can you provide some more details, what do you mean by parameters?

Well, in xslt file you can have variables <xsl:variable name="testVar">1</xsl:variable> and parameters <xsl:param name="testParam">1</xsl:param> ,
When you do transformation you can pass parameters to xslt file, so you can apply some logic to that transformation. I don’t know how it is done in php, but in classic ASP it is done like this

set oDoc = Server.CreateObject( "Msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0" ) oDoc.async=false set oStyle = Server.CreateObject( "Msxml2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument.3.0" ) oStyle.async=false oStyle.load(Server.MapPath(xslLoc)) Set myTemplate = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.XSLTemplate.3.0") myTemplate.stylesheet = oStyle Set myProc = myTemplate.createProcessor() call myProc.addParameter("testParam",1) '-->this is the line setting up parameter oDoc.load(server.MapPath(strXML)) myProc.input = oDoc myProc.transform()
So for this I forced to use asp, that is why I said it would be very nice to be able to pass paameters via javascript without involving server side code. Just want to know if it possible.