passing value from dhtmlxgrid to dhtmlxform

Hi ,

I have a xml which is in following format :



I have a grid object and a form object in the layout . I am able to display the list of messages with details ‘name , type, date’ in the grid .Now based on the selected row , I want to display the other details for the selected message from the same xml into the form . In most of the samples provided on your site I have seen that the selected row details are passed to a .php file that inturn renders a xml . But I would like to use the same xml for both the components . Can you please provide me with any pointers ?

Please check following tutorial … htmlxstart
It describes your use-case

Thanks for the link . I went through the material provided here and it looks like a new xml is created using php and rendered to the form based on the row selected in the grid .
Where as I have all the data that needs to be displayed in a xml (as mentioned in the earlier post) .Is there a way to load the form with data from custom xml ?

Unfortunately it impossible in current version of form