Passing varibles

I have a page index.php that contains a window, I have attached a layout to the window.

The layout has 5 cell subdivisions a to e. I have attached a grid to all the 5 cells.

Grid1 is located in cell a. The grid is populated from a postgresql database with the use of dhtmlxDataProcessor, dhtmlxConnector.

A user can click the first cell column on any row and its corresponding data should be displayed in GRID2 which is located in layout cell b. please note that the data displayed in GRID2 is fetched from the database in relation to the item clicked in grid1


How do you pass a variable of the clicked cell on grid1-layout cell a to constructor.php in order to use it to fetch data from the database and the results be displayed in GRID2 -layout cell b???

You can attach onRowSelect event handler to the 1st grid and reload to the second with the new xml: