Paths of ajax loaded tab content

I have a (side-) project that uses several dhtmlx products. The paths of all included css, js, images, etc. are relative to the index file of this project. And the index file of this project loads just fine for itself.

Now I have the following problem:

I also want to load this project into a tab of my main project via ajax-html. But in this case the paths I use in the side-project have to be relative to the file of my main project which includes the tabbar. As those paths differ, the tabcontent cannot be loaded correctly. Changing the paths so that they fit for the tabbar is no option, because the side-project shall still be accessible as a “stand-alone” version.

Why are the paths inside the tabs relative to the tabbar, instead of relative to the file loaded into the tab? Is there any way to solve this problem?

Thank you.

If you are loading content in tab by ajax-html - the content will be added to current page, so all paths inside it will be relative to main page ( technically, while using ajax-html, you not loading separate page, but adding some content to existing page )
If you need full content isolation, and separate base paths - you can use iframes based modes of tabbar.