PDF-Export Questions: Landscape Mode and Month-View


I have added the PDF-Export-Feature to our Scheduler now. But I have to questions.

The first is: How can I set the landscape-Mode to render the full scheduler as it does in Portrait-Mode. In Landscape-Mode it cuts of at the half day:

The second is: Is there a way to create the Month-View-PDF as it is in the browser? In the Browser I have a second Line for each event with important Information, in the PDF-File this Lines are gone. (See Screenshot)

And the PDF-Export from the month-view:

Which version of export you are using ?

Local php/java/.net edition or online export that was introduced in Scheduler 4.x


I´m using the Online-Version.

Yep, I can see the problem.
Fix will be provided in next few days.
For now you can use A3 in portrait mode

scheduler.exportToPDF({ format:"A3", orientation: "portrait"});

Are you using a custom styles to force the second line in the scheduler’s view ? ( normally each event has only one line of a text ) In such case be sure that you are including the related styles in the export call

docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/png.ht … outputfile

Thanks for your reply.

The custom-CSS helped with the month-view. :slight_smile:

I will wait for the fix in the landscape mode.

Kind Regards,



Sorry but my initial time estimation was incorrect. It will take some more time ( maybe week or two ) as problem is caused by the bug in third party library and we are waiting for the fix.

what is its solution .?
still i dont get its solution
pls give us its solution…
and also pls give us way -how to export simple PDF (not scheduler) (PDFWriter) in landscape mode ?..