PDF Landscape

The grid print to pdf is very nice. The only problem I’m having is that the pdf needs to be displayed in landscape mode as some column cells display as “72….”

Can something be done so the pdf prints in landscape mode and the columns are wide enough to show all the data in cells like the screen version?

I am using the Java version.

please, open file gridPdfGenerator.php file and set bigger value for minColumnWidth value:

public $minColumnWidth = 25;

After that landscape should be turned on automatically.

I’m using the Java version, is there a simular change?

Also when I run the PDF from dhtmlx’s web service and change the font size to 7 it looks much better. Is there a way to set the font size in Java version?

Yes, but this value is not a public variable, it’s hard-coded:

if (sum_width/widths.length < 80)

What about adjusting the font size in the Java version, I think that’s the only thing which needs to change.

I hope it’s possible to compile the java files with javac and the classpath is easy to figure out.

I found the font size setting. I’m not sure how to remake the .war file. I’ve installed eclipse and a tomcat plugin. I can import the .war file and change the .java file. And I’m getting errors when I try to make the project.

Can support email .war file with the font size set to 7 please?

At last!!! I used jDeveloper and it worked the first time. Create project, import war file, change PdfWriter.java, build project, export to war file.

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To set the font size in Java, you’ll need to change a .java file and then recompile the .war file.

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in java export PDF, without change the font size , how can i export PDF in landscape view ?