PDF problem

Hi there -
I’ve tried using the pdf export and haven’t been able to get out of the starting gate. Not quite sure where to start as far as debugging this.
I’ve copied the package files into a directory and am calling the toPDF method as you suggest in the documentation with -
… onclick=“scheduler.toPDF(‘path_to/generate.php’)”

however I get the following error -

SimpleXMLElement::__construct() [simplexmlelement.–construct]: Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, ‘<’ not found

(BTW - it works if I change the path to your site ‘http://dhtmlxscheduler.appspot.com/export/pdf

I’ve also attached the error report.

Thanks in advance,
error_report_2012_12_19__18_07_34.rar (565 Bytes)

Ignore this thread. I’ve dug through the forum and have been able to find the solutions.
Sorry for taking the lazy approach.