:: pepysDHTMLX :: Columns sort in server and default mode

I want to have for a grid, some collumns order by server, others collumn sort in typical mode (str, int, etc). Is that posible? How can I do this? Thanks…

You can use default init of grid with default sorting type assigned, so it will be sorted on client side.
After that you can attach custom code to on onBeforeSorting event, which receives all info about sorting request ( column, direction ) and for columns which need to be sorted on server initiate data reloading with necessary order

Check “Server side sortin” at dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxG … d_art_sort
The only difference in your case - the additional check need to be added, to trigger reloading logic only for some columns.

if (is_sort_on_client(ind)) return true;
… start reloading…