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Actually, is not working… :frowning:

This is my code:

and I want to use it without onLoad=“doOnLoad()” on body tag. How can I use your code

           …any code here…

Can you show me please… Thanks!

In your code, you are using
myFolders = new dhtmlxFolders(“folders_container”);
so you need to have a container with such name, or replace it with
myFolders = new dhtmlxFolders(document.body);
if you want attach folders directly to the body

Sample attached

1243263873.zip (64.1 KB)

Sorry, I think you don’t understand me. I don’t want to have


I want this because I use the same html header in more files and I need onLoad=“doOnLoad()” just for some files.

Sorry, incorrect sample was attached to previous post.
Please check this sample - it works without direct onload declaration

1298439213_correct.ZIP (65.4 KB)

oh yes, now is really working, thanks a lot