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I want to set a color for mouse hover for row and column for a grid. Also I want to set a distinct color for the row and the column of a selected cell. How can I do this? Thanks…

You can use enableRowsHover(mode, cssClass) method. This method enable/disable hovering row on mouse over. Parameters here are:
mode - true/false
cssClass - css class for hovering row

.hover {
background-color: navy;

To color cell on mouse over you can use:

background-color: red;

To change style of the selected row and cell you should change following css rule:
div.gridbox table.obj tr.rowselected td.cellselected, div.gridbox table.obj td.cellselected { }- element in a selected cell
div.gridbox table.obj tr.rowselected td {} - elements in a selected row

If you have attached skin to your Grid:
div.gridbox_skinName table.obj tr.rowselected td.cellselected, div.gridbox table.obj td.cellselected { }
div.gridbox_skinName table.obj tr.rowselected td {}

After user moves mouse to another cell, I want to reset the cell back to original state that is remove “grid_hover_cell” class. How do I do that?

The only way - store last visited cell in some var, and from onMouseOver - clear styles of previous cell, before setting styles to the new one.

If a row is selected, then style of selected row overrides the style I assign to the cell on mouse over. Any way I can apply the my style over the selected row style on mouse over?

instead of changing css class, you can change the styles directly. Such styling will not be reset by selection.



you can use

cell.style.color = "red";