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I use now dhtmlxFolders and I want to know if is there any posibility to have some operation like we have in grid’s paging. I mean, when I use

myFolders.enablePaging(15, true);

with 5 items per page, in the pager div, I have just pages [1] [2] [3], but I have 50 items in table and I want to have all 10 pages in pager div, or just 5 pages and something [->] like we have on grid pager.

So, can I have all of this? Thanks

The “paging” area has buttons for all pages which currently loaded to client side. ( for static paging - it will be pages for all data , for dynamic paging - it will be pages for loaded items only )
The only way to change the way how pager are rendered - redefine drawPager method of folders with any custom logic.

Ok, thank you, but is there any posibility to can have in dhtmlxFolders the same drawPager like we have in dhtmlxGrid, with the same functionality? I like very much the drawPager from dhtmlxGrid, and I would like to have the same in dhtmlxFolders also.

Others question: for a photo gallery, using dhtmlxFolders, can I have some input texts for each one, in order to can modify instantly some information for each photo? I want to mention that I don’t take automatically the pictures from a folder, but using a mysql query from database, ad there any picture is an row in table, with an order value, name, etc. Have I to modify something in fthumbs.xsl, how?

Hi, I’m still waiting for an answer please…

About pager: Do you mean same appearence as dhtmlxGrid “bricks” paging skin? You can create any visual appearence redefining mentioned method. You also can order this from us or wait till developer have time for this task (it is in the list already, but with middle priority).

As to your other question: you need to create your own XSL which will take all necessary appearence requirements into account or you can create item parser with Javascript. For more details please see:

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … wntypes_js