Perform actions on Tree objects when smartRendering enabled?

In our environment, we would have 50k+ nodes to the most.

I am on version 3.5pro, tried to make use of the following combination each of which has failed.

  1. smartXMLParsing + DistributedParsing → Had an issue, same nodes rendered again and again in the view
  2. smartRendering → checked a branch, which has 1k+ nodes, getting the list of checked items (1k+) nodes failed. Rendering also caused a glitch (i.e div blank for few secs)

My prime focus is to fetch all the items under a branch when checked, provided that this branch would have a huge number of nodes under them.

What combinations should i have to use ?

Last time when i checked the forum, saw a post wherein few enhancements were being made on your end w.r.t smartRendering / Distributed parsing. Just want to know, if my requirement can be achieved.

Shall we upgrade to 5.0 Version ?

P.s. Requested for trial on Enterprise Edition (Tree View), It would be best if you had it approved at the earliest. Still, not received any mail from your end.


Yes, there were fixes related Smart Rendering and checkboxes. So, you may try the latest version.

Unfortunately, TreeView does not support 3-state checkboxes.

Our support department has informed us that the link to the evaluation package was sent to your email address on July 29, 2016. Please check your spam folder.