Performance Issue in Grid Load

I have 9 grids in my jsp out of which 4 grids has large set of data( Each grid has more than 2500 rows) .The XML of 4 grids has 3 levels and each level has more than 100 childrens. i tried using SMARTXMLParsing and distributedXMLParsing to improve the performance but still it didnt help.

Totally i have to load more than 10,000 rows with complex levels . Please let me know how to improve the performance.

Starting from dhtmlxTreeGrid 1.6 smartXMLparsing enabled by default , and need not any additional commands.
distributedXMLParsing - will not help in your case, it better to not use such mode.
You can try to use static smart rendering - just add enableSmarRendering command to all grids ( _srdn.js required ) , it will greatly decrease rendering time, but still loading few big XML files will require some time, so you can try to use dyn. loading as well.

Please provide me the sample of dynamic loading.Thanks in advance.

In case of TreeGrid , you can check the next sample inside package