Performance issue on grid update with large dataset


I have a sample grid with BIG dataset (50000 rows and 30 columns).
Loading time without lazyloading is correct.
scrolling,filtering the box is correct (for that dhtmlx grid is amazing)

in my grid i have one checkbox, it is the only updatable column.

when click a checkbox on ONE row, the delay was about 5 seconds for the checkbox to change !
it was an unacceptable delay so i check why,
after many tests the issues were :

  • removing “adjust:true” decrease the delay from 5 secs to 2 secs
    –> note that in the case of a checkbox, size of column stay unchanged
  • removing all footer decrease the delay from 2 to 0.5 secs
    –> note that in my case checking or unchecking box have no impact on the footer row

I try to make a sample with your large dataset but… it is not enough large to have impact (only 10000 rows and 4 column) so no delay issue.

note that :

  • i remove the adjust true option
  • i keep the footer

so presently i have a 2 secs delay when checking/unchecking box…it’s not crazy but acceptable

hope this test may help others.


Unfortunately this is the expected behavior, as the adjust property checks the length of all the data in your dataset to calculate the proper column width for your situation, and this process executes after each edit operation.
Currently there is no possibility to increase the performance for such huge mount of data.
Here is the testing snippet which you can use to check the possible performance in your case: