Performance issue when scale unit is set to minute

Hi ,
When we set scale_unit to ‘minute’ for task which is for duration 5 years, site is crashing. So we set static_background to ‘true’, now site did’nt crash but end_date of the task is not matching. We can see almost 4 years has been cut-off. Can you also tell us what is max duration that gantt can disply if scale_unit is set to ‘minute’?.
Link to reproduce the error:--…

Hello Madhav,
It is expected that you had performance issues as Gantt needs to create a lot of div elements. It would be 2628000 elements (60 minutes × 24 hours × 365 days × 5 years)!
So, it is necessary to apply the performance tweaks.

However, it is not possible to display all 5-year scale with the minute scale unit because of maximal div width/height limitation:

If you apply the following command in the web console, you will see that Gantt is able to calculate scale cells correctly, but the browser cannot display all of them:


The following example proves that it happens with all div elements, The width of the first div element is 50000000px, you cannot scroll and see its right border. But there is no such an issue with the second div element:

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Thank you for the response.