Performance Issue wiht Only 128 rows and 26 cols

Hi do have performance problem to display a grid with 128 rows and 26 cols. It takes about 1 minutes.

When I uses Enable SmartRendering it takes 5 sec to display de first 6 rows and the rest of the screen is empty (there is room for 30 rows). Then if I scroll down it takes again 5 sec and 6 more rows are displayed. I have 12 selectbox columns on 26.

Am I missing something in performance config? 128 rows should not be an issue…

Technically the grid 128x26 must be loaded fast enough event without smart rendering , and must not case any problems in case of srnd for sure.
The only possible way to slowdown grid so must is heavy usage of onCellChanged or onRowCreated events

If issue still occurs for you - please provide a sample of problematic XML ( you can send it directly to )