Performance issues with Grid paging enabled

Hi ,

We are using paged DHTMLX grid. We observed that the performance degrades very severely when the number of rows is increased.
We have around 30 columns and the data is mostly decimal values.
When we have around 10-15 rows per page, the ‘next page’ action works almost instantly.
But when the number of rows is increased to , say, 150, the same next page takes around 8 seconds, which is unacceptable to the end users.
Another interesting observation - First time, when we go to page 2 ( for example), it takes 8 seconds. Then we come back to page 1. Again, when we go to the same page 2, it takes only 2 seconds. But, if we go to a new page ( say, page 3), it again takes 8 seconds. We found this behavior to be very surprising.

Can you let us know some pointers which we can look into?
Is the performance as per expectation or can it be improved?


Such behavior is absolutely normal.
The more data there is on the page the more time it will be needed to display this data.

The reason of the fast second time loading of the page is that this page is already rendered and there is no need to load data from a server side to client.