Performance issues

I’m trying to use timeline scheduler for room management app. The Y axis is the list of available rooms, the X axis is their availability in time (for simplicity). When I render just a few rooms with their timeline, everything everything is fine. But when it comes to tens of rooms with their availability just inside a month, then dxhtml timeline scheduler simply stops responding adequately and performs any scroll action with a huge unacceptable delay.

Two questions so far:

  1. Does dxhtml timeline scheduler support virtual scrolling in both directions?
  2. What are the data sice limitation in both directions so it would not hurt performance so much?


There is only vertical scroll in the timeline view. Instead of vertical scroll you can use prev and next buttons to switch between time ranges.

To increase the perfomance, you can display shorter period of time on the scale and also to load data by part by dynamic loading. Please, check the article: … micloading