permission ERROR to access scheduler_include.html

scheduler version: 2.3 (joomla plugin)
Just above the display of my month view calendar I am getting the following error:
You don’t have permission to access /components/com_scheduler/scheduler_include.html on this server.

Server error log says:
File does not exist: /home/epcohard/public_html/components/com_scheduler/codebase/sources/locale_recurring_en.js, referer: … scheduler/

I looked at my original downloaded zip file and /components/com_scheduler/codebase/sources/locale_recurring_en.js does not exist within it.

Any ideas?

This file is non-critical miss ( we will update next version, just to remove the error message from log )

The real problem is in scheduler_include.html, it seems that you have updated file ( have uploaded updated version by ftp or similar ) and now http server can’t read from it - check that file access right allows read access to scheduler_include.html