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    Well, first of all, I must say I absolutely love the scheduler you guys created. Simple, easy to use, easy to extend and, best of all, WELL DOCUMENTED (you have no idea how incredible this is)!!!!! Anyway, I still have a question mainly concerning the lightbox.

You see, there are a few features I’m trying to add to it that I haven’t been able to so far. For example, I was able to attach two select zones to it no problem, one for my clients and the other for the divisions of said client. However, I would like the division select zone to show me only the divisions of the client chosen in the client select zone. Is that possible?

Next, I would like to have a control that shows the percentage of completion of certain tasks. Is it possible to incorporate the slider control you so graciously offer on your website to the lightbox? If not, I could always just have a normal text box showing the percentage… but it’s a lot more convenient with a slider :wink:.

Finally, if the things I mentioned above are impossible, is it possible to just call my own html window instead of the lightbox? I have a lot of PHP and HTML knowledge so designing such a thing isn’t really all that complicated for me.

Thanks in advance and once again, great work guys :slight_smile:


It’s possible to create custom sections for the lightbox or even use your own form.
Check out Details form page for more information.

You can assign a function to the onchange event for that select which will change values in the other select. This can be done for default ‘select’ section or you can create custom one.

Only with a custom section.

Yes, check out samples\02_customization\16_custom_form.html sample in the package.

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Hi there,

   Thank you for the quick response, it was exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:. There's another question that I forgot to ask however. Allow me to explain. I have two main tables containing useful data for my calendar:


I bound the schedulerConnector object to tbltodo, which contains most of the interesting data. tblcc actually contains a list of people who actually have to know about the task, but are not asked to complete it (mainly the supervisors and the president of the company who loves to see what his staff’s doing with its time).

Anyway, what I would like to have is simply a multiselect zone in the lightbox that would be mapped to this particular table and, when I save the lightbox, lines are added/removed from this table according to the values checked by the user.

Technically speaking, the server-side logic to accomplish this isn’t terribly complicated and, based on the samples\02_customization\16_custom_form.html I already have a bit of an idea in mind and I’d simply like to know if there’s a simpler way of doing things. Here’s what I have in mind:

  1. Create a custom multiselect control in the lightbox that isn’t mapped to any field (if such a thing is possible, though I fail to see why it wouldn’t be)
  2. In the “showLightbox” function, I’d add a bit of Ajax to call upon a script of my own that fetches all the related lines in tblcc and affects them to the multiselect zone I prepared
  3. In the “save_form” I’d also add Ajax to call upon a script that would update tblcc with the correct data from the multiselect right before the endLightbox statement.

And there you have it. Not a terribly complicated solution, but if there’s a simpler way then I’d like to know. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:.


Sorry, i didn’t quite get this part:

But anyway take a look at our multiselect extension: samples/03_extensions/22_multiselect_initial_loading.html
More information is available on the Multiselect extension page.
Probably this could help.

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Sorry about the confusing part… and I have to admit being a little embarrassed since what I want to do is exactly what the CrossOptionsConnector does by default. Ah well read and learn I guess he he he. Thank you for your quick response again :slight_smile: