Phone gap, Xcode and DHTMLX Touch - White Screen of Death

Hi there,

I’m having the problem that I cannot use the following syntax within a JS flow. I am building a app using Phonegap and Xcode.

What I’m trying to do is load up the relevant set of pages at start up.

If the application is a new run --> go to the Registration set of pages

If you have already Registered --> go to The main Application Page.

I was successfully using a simple if/else statement to load the right one with the command:


eg dhx.ui(regforms);

This was out in a referenced JS file. What I’m finding is that this sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Recently I tried a try / catch to see what was going on. The error returned was that the variable “ui” was not found! The relevant touchui.js files are correctly referenced etc.

The only consistent way that I have got this to work is to place the dhx.ui({…}); command in tags in the actual index.html page body.

{…} meaning all of the views that I want loading up. This has resulted in a 600 line page that is now very hard to debug.

Any suggestions here?

Also I have tried to use the format of listing multiple variables as per the bookshop sample application:

dhx.ui(regforms, mainpage, settings);

Each of these above are declared using:

var regforms = {…} etc

For me it doesn’t work

Any help will be appreciated