PHP connector unable to fetch a simple db query.


I am trying to use the PHP connector to fetch a simple query from DB and it doesnt work!!!

Here is what i am trying to do:



$category = $_GET[‘category’];


$res = mysql_connect(“localhost”,“root”,“123456”);


$grid = new GridConnector($res);

$grid->render_sql(“select a.* from meetings a where a.category = ‘$category’ and a.meetID in(select b.meetID from attendees b)”,“a.meetID”,“meetID,subject,chair,date,stime”,"","");


I get an xml error when i do the above, however when i remove the subquery(given below) then it works,

$grid->render_sql(“select a.* from meetings a where a.category = ‘$category’ “,“a.meetID”,“meetID,subject,chair,date,stime”,””,"");

Is there no support of subqueries ? Please help.

subqueries isn’t supported at the dhtmlxConnectors ver 0.9. You can download new version here … ndex.shtml