pie chart


Is there a way to include item percent in this kind of chart?..

thanks in advance!!



yes, it’s possible via ‘template’ property. But you need to get sum of all values of the chart. Sum can be calculated using sum() method of chart data. For example:

{ view: "chart", id: "myChart", type:"pie", value:"#sales#", pieInnerText:function(obj){ var sum = $$("myChart").data.sum("#sales#"); return Math.round(parseFloat(obj.sales)/sum*100)+"%"; }, ... }

Thanks!! I have another question about charts…

Is there a way to have a header in the chart, in order to set a tittle or a description for the chart…

thanks Alexandra!

At the end i have done a layout with a form and the chart, and i have binded the title that i already had in a list with the form to have a description in my chart…

ticket closed jeje…