Pinch zoom of entire page not working inside calendar

I’m on Android 9 and I was testing on latest Chrome and Firefox one of your samples - Responsive scheduler
I have 2 issues related to zooming of entire page via pinch zoom.

  1. it’s not possible to pinch zoom inside calendar - is there something I need to do in order to enable it? Or what changes do I need to do in order to let Scheduler to allow native pinch/touch gestures? Disabling touch Scheduler Docs ( didn’t help.
  2. I can zoom the entire page if I pinch on the date range string at the top, but then I can only scroll down in the calendar, I cannot move/scroll to the left or right (via touchmove). Could you please suggest what changes needs to be done or some workaround to enable it?

Thank you for help,

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Hello @Luk_Puk ,

Currently there is no ability to zoom scheduler using touch controlling inside the scheduler’s container(excluding zooming by touching header area).
It’s a known bug, it stays in our dev tracker and will be fixed in future. Unfortunately there is no ETA, but I will post any updates on this thread.

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Has there been an update to fix this please? It’s still a problem with the latest DHTMLX Scheduler, in all browsers. However, this used to work in the PHP versions of the Scheduler. I am using the .Net version.