PIvot Date Format for null/blank values


how to handle blank or null values inside pivot for fields as date type

i have in my dataset some rows with fields as date type but this fields also can be empty…and for that situation i always got some error and pivot doesnt’ render .

i think i need put some value for blank or null but what?


The error with the blank values in date field is confirmed. we’ll fix it in the future updates.
For now you may try place any non-empty value in that fields. it will prevent the error and the pivot will render, while you will have “undefined” in the filter for that fields.


This issue isn’t fixed. Some records have null date values, so pivot throws an error. Placing non-empty value doesn’t make any sense, this makes every calculations incorrect.


Thank you for your report.
The issue is still actual.
I’ll inform you here about any progress.