Pivot table flattened columns

I am giving the example using Excel, but I guess the basic idea would be understandable. Currently dhtmlxPivot gives something like the following image -

Can we have something like the following - where the first column contains the group field flattened -

Let e give an example when it is required - if I want a pivot but the left side columns are not grouped, for example, if I need to show Region - District - Facility - > then the columns to show a pivot data of 12 months. I do not want to group by Region or District. Because when I export to Excel it is not usable if the data is exported as the pivot format. Every row need to have all the data.
Any idea?

Anyone from DHTMLX reading? Any idea?

I apologize for the delay with the reply.
Unfortunately it is not available to modify the export service to suite your needs.

Sorry I did not ask for ‘flattened export’. I asked whether the display of the pivot left side columns can be flattened in the view (as of I know you used Treeview in the left side column display), can the columns be displayed as gridview.

I apologize. I see. Unfortunately such view customization is not available.

I also encountered similar needs. How do you solve it in the end?