Pivote table math function


i use a pivot table functionality.i want one more math function count, like other sum,average,min,max

is it possible to add count function.which returns total count.?

And i also want to display a specific math function in to drop down.like i want to display only sum and average in

to drop down not min and max.

Can you please guide on the above.waiting for your reply.


Two add any additional action you need to made modification in dhtmlxgrid_pivot.js

line 77
    var z4=this.makePivotSelect([“Summ”,“Min”,“Max”,“Average”],-1);
you can add label here and define function named as
where N - position in function list

For example to add Count

    var z4=this.makePivotSelect([“Summ”,“Min”,“Max”,“Average”,“Count”],-1);

    /// count function
    var ret=0;
    var resA=data[a];   //x value
    var resB=data[b];   //y value
    var resC=data[c];   //cell value
    for (var i = resA.length - 1; i >= 0; i–)   //  for each x
        if (resA[i]==av && resB[i]==bv) {   // if cell related to current pivot element
            ret++;   //increase return count
    return ret;

The function will be called against each element in pivot, you can take it as is and just update line which do real calculation.