Place an icon on every day_view

Hello Everyone…

It has been years gone by, since i last writed something over here :slight_smile:
But the last weeks a continously tried to implement the following thing:

In a basic scheduler, i want to add an icon or something on the top of every day (in day view and perhaps also in week view), where i can CLICK on and something happens (only for understanding, i want to create the possibilty to add a Free-Text-Field to every day, so i can make notes to each and every day in my scheduler (and also edit them)). My problem is not to handle the content and functions of this “text-field”, it is to implement the button that should be (for example!) next to the “day_date”.

How or where can i edit the template or add it in runtime via function? :slight_smile:

Perhaps anybody could help me out with a little clue in the right direction…

Best regards from Germany,

By the way, of course i tried the following, but i had no success at all :frowning:

scheduler.templates.day_date = function(start,end,event){ ... };

You are on the right way :slight_smile:

You can use something like

scheduler.attachEvent("onTemplatesReady", function(){ scheduler.xy.scale_height = 50; var old = scheduler.templates.day_scale_date; scheduler.templates.week_scale_date = scheduler.templates.day_scale_date = function(start,end,event){ return old(start, end, event) + "<input type='button' value='Add'>"; }; });